Since I now work out of the home office/studio, I had to hire a new employee. He shows up everyday but sleeps a lot on the job. Although when he is awake, he’s a part-time ninja!

It’s official, summer is coming to an end. The kids are back in school and weather is getting cooler. Click the image to view my flickr photostream.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take some pics. Click the image above to see the rest of my photostream. Enjoy!

It’s a paintball thang! The whole Fuzion D4 aka (BHOOD ver. 2) will be rocking these T’s under their new jerseys. My PB MOB brand is getting a lot of exposure these days.

Another color variation of the PB MOB “Bling” grips.

Paintball Photography…it’s tricky! You have to know the game enough so you don’t get hit…well, minimize the times you get hit at least. Click the photo above to see the rest of the gallery.

Here’s a peek at the final design for the new Brotherhood jersey. Production starting soon!

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