April 2008

BHOOD jersey

Our 2008 custom jersey design came out great with the help of Christian from Xternal Paintball. We had some issues in production with another company that we tried earlier this year but Christian is a real professional.


I spiced up the background and header of the BHOOD blog. Small tweaks totally change the look and feel from the default theme.

i follow

Randa Clay Design has posted some very useful info on getting rid of those dead end links in your comments. You can “spread the link love” with a plugin that allows you to turn off the “nofollow” function. That way you can track back and everyone wins. Join the movement!

MAI web

Recent edits to a flash header that I did a while back. Another “collabo” with Buster @ Imagine Design. Why so much flash these days??

new greyrock site

Here’s a new flash site that i recently finshed for GreyRock Land Group.