July 2007

AA logo

A simple and clean type solution for AA Management.

I think too often we forget that we have full power to redesign our lives as subtly or dramatically as needed to keep them relevant, interesting and growing.

Tod Martin


The PB MOB SQUAD brand is something I’ve been developing, not only for The Brotherhood paintball team but for our supporters and friends who play paintball for the fun of it.

So if you see us at the field, hit us up for some PB MOB stickers! PB MOB SQUAD gear is now available through PBMOB Online Store.


For the 2007 season, I designed custom jerseys for the team with help from the folks at www.animalpaintball.com.

Brotherhood Web

A flash based website to promote our paintball team and sponsors.

Wow! What the heck am I doing? Anybody who knows me as a designer, knows that I am a TYPE guy. Classical typography is just my “thing.” I remember when I did my first letterpress piece…I thought I was in heaven. So why mess with CSS or any other 3 letter combination? Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, I am trying very hard to get excited about design again. This also give me an opportunity to share my, “not so corporate” side.