We just finished a data sheet for the East End Gateway group. This is an additional piece to go with the development project proposal in the Fremont Park area. Thank you EEG for being a great client!

I’ve been putting this off for so long but finally my ID8 cards are designed, printed and ready for distribution!

Working out of the home office has given me more time for snapping shots of keyboard creatures, water droplets and other random things.

WordPress blog and flash intro for Mitchi Photography. The look is based off of the Notebook theme.

Here’s another ID collaboration with Buster from Imagine Design. Proposal design for a development project in the Fremont Park area.

I went to capture some of the action for the upcoming PSP World Cup and NPPL Vegas events. Click the image above to see the rest of my gallery.

I’m working with B on a land development proposal design and we had to head out to the Fremont Park area in Midtown to snap some extra “flavor” shots. Nice to get outta the burbs for a few.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take some pics. Click the image above to see the rest of my photostream. Enjoy!

It’s a paintball thang! The whole Fuzion D4 aka (BHOOD ver. 2) will be rocking these T’s under their new jerseys. My PB MOB brand is getting a lot of exposure these days.

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